Dovilė Donėlė

Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate (Currently on maternity leave)
Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian

Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate - Chemical products & biocides


13 years


2021 – INTRA VIRES, UAB – Regulatory Expert

2018 – 2021 BC Chemical, UAB – Product Development Manager

2012 – 2017 BC Chemical, UAB – Safety and Environmental Protection Specialist

2010 – 2012 BC Chemical, UAB – Quality Manager

2009 – 2010 BC Chemical, UAB – Technologist


2022 – Webinar. Article 45 of the CLP Regulation and Annex VIII. Provision of information to poison centres.

2022 – Webinar. Non-tariff entry requirements – how to avoid getting “stuck” in a mutation? Customs UAB

2021 – Training (online): on changes in the regulation of precursors of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (precursors). Department of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol Control

2020 – Training: for product manufacturers on REACH obligations and other aspects of chemicals management

2020 – Training: Classification, labelling, safety data sheets for chemicals and mixtures, amendments to CLP Annex VIII

2013 – International Scientific and Technical Conference “Polikomtrib-2013“ (Belarus, Gomel) oral presentation of an article “Investigation of tribocontact of piezoelectric actuator“

2011 – Lithuanian Science Council conference “Promotion of students’ scientific activities”; withstand post “Recycling of polymer packaging contaminated by chemicals: a feasibility study“

2011 – Responsible reorganization of labour rights and business interests of balancing the solutions, Supplier Management: Economic, social and environmental aspects of risks and opportunities. Lecturer: Mike Debelak, Daxam Sustainability Services (Sweden). The United Nations Development Program in Lithuania

2011 – Water environmentally hazardous substances in company: their identification and replacement. The Baltic Environmental Forum

2011 – Chemical substances and preparations (mixtures) control”. The Environmental Protection Agency

2011 – Obligations of downstream users according to REACH and GHS Regulations”. The Environmental Protection Agency

2010 – Classification and labelling according to the CLP notification to ECHA inventory. Material Safety Data Sheets. The Environmental Protection Agency

2009 – Co-author of the article: Padgurskas, J.;Kreivaitis, R.; Jankauskas, V.; Kupčinskas, A.; Janulis,P.; Makarevičienė, V.; Gumbytė, M.; Metrikaitė, D.; Staškevičius, A. Study of an impact of additives concentration in lard oil fatty acid methyl ester on wear protection characteristics // BALTTRIB’2009: V international scientific conference proceedings: Kaunas, Lithuanian University of Agriculture, November 19-21,2009. ISSN 1822-8801. 2009, p. 181-186. [ISI Proceedings]


2010 – 2012 Master of Processing Industry Engineering, Klaipėda University, Lithuania

2006 – 2010 Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Klaipėda University, Lithuania

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